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The area belongs to the Collio DOC appellation. Because of the suitable composition of the soil and climatic conditions of this area, I have chosen to grow Merlot and white wine grape varieties. My vines grow on the hill slopes basking in the sun and sea breeze from the Adriatic Sea not too far away. The grapes are nurtured by the clayey marls and sandstone that make up the soil known as “ponca”.


I use the Guyot training system, and the rows between vines are grassed over. I do not use any chemical fertilizer or weed-killer and opt for manure as basic fertilization. I follow strict pruning standards preferring smaller quantities but very healthy grapes. I am in no hurry when it comes to harvesting: the grapes are picked by hand between mid September and the end of October so as to achieve the optimal natural sugar levels. As I always say, wine is made in the vineyard.