Aldo Polencic

+39 0421 177 4569
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«I have a great passion for winemaking, and an even greater drive to make good wine. My name is Aldo Polencic and I am a winemaker - best job ever.»

«Making wine gives me a feeling of freedom; a feeling I would never want to miss. A sort of spiritual independence and determination that makes me forget about all the hard work I put into the vineyards.»

«The fact that I fully understand the rhythms of nature and know many of its secrets, is a guarantee of quality for my white wines and Merlot, the wine of exceptional vintages.»

«All I know was taught to me by my father and my grandfather before him. I could summarize winemaking in one sentence: wine evolves in the vineyard and is crafted in the winery and cellar, without haste or hassle.»

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